Stories on Choquet-te's

Throughout history and even today, a number of Choquette's have left their marks in various fields. Some, without claiming stardom, are noteworthy. We'd like to introduce you to some of them in the following pages. Of course you realize we're always interested in finding out more of these delicious anecdotes, funny tales or outstanding facts on Choquette's. Should you know of any, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be pleased to enter your stories among these:

Walter Leo Choquette, Soldier from World War II

Buck Choquette, Gold Finder

A Choquet Doctor among Montana Natives

Joseph-Armand Choquette, the last survivor of the "Bloc populaire"

Some Choquette that live to a ripe old age !

Alexandre "Buck" CHOQUETTE and the Gold Rush

Joseph-David CHOQUETTE, died in a work related accident

Honour Roll

Joseph CHOQUET, The American Pionneer

Bits and Bytes

Jeanne, Hector's daugther, Henri's grand-daughter

Joseph-Eugène, Parish Priest & Inventor...

The Whole Truth Your Honour!...

When Politics Owns Us...

Devout Members of the Church...

Talented Artists...

The Prince of Poets...

One of the Oldest Jurist in America!

Go West, Young Man!

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