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As any other good French-Canadian families, the Choquette's have contributed their fair share of brothers, nuns and priests to the Church. It is of course impossible to mention them all, but here are some biographies that were recorded in history books (that of vicar Jospeh-Eugene Choquette is noted separately):

S.E. Mgr Maurice Choquet, c.s.c.
Mgr Maurice Choquet, c.s.c.
"Vedettes", the French version of Who's Who, states about Mgr Choquet in its 1962 edition: Auxiliary-Bishop of Cap-Haïtien, member of the Holy-Cross congregation born in Montreal on October 2nd 1920. Ordained priest on June 24th 1944 by H.E. Mgr Joseph Charbonneau. Missionary in Haïti from 1945. Founder of the Haïtian religious order "Les Soeurs de Notre-Dame d'Haïti" and preacher at numerous religious ceremonies in the diocese of Cap-Haïtien. On June 11th 1959, he was named Bishop of Diospolis Inferior and auxiliary of Cap-Haïtien: consecrated in Saint-Joseph Oratory in Montreal by H. Em. Cardinal Paul-Emile Leger, on September 15th 1959.

Mgr Maurice Choquet in 1996Bishop Choquet passed away recently, and the obituary column about him permitted us to gain some insight on his long career : "He returned to Canada in 1970, where he is Chaplin at the Sister of St-Francis-of-Assisi in Charlesbourg (1970-1973), Pastor of Saint-Dominique of Hawkesbury (1973-1976), Chaplin at Ottawa's General Hospital (1976-1980), then Chaplin at Elizabeth-Bruyere Health Center (1980-1990). He retires in 1990." He died November 15, 1996 after a long illness, and he was buried at the Congregational Cemetery in St-Laurent, on November 18, 1996.

Mgr Charles-Philippe ChoquetteMgr Charles-Philippe Choquette
Mgr Charles-Philippe Choquette was prelate, educator, naturalist, astronomer and historian. Born in Beloeil (1856-1947). 6th Superior of Saint-Hyacinthe Seminary from 1904 to 1913. Author of books on the city and Saint-Hyacinthe Seminary.
Source: "References biographiques Canada-Quebec" - Vol. 2, by Louis-Alexandre Belisle, Les editions de la famille canadienne limitee, Montreal, 1978).

(Photo courtesy of Jim Choquette, Austin, Texas)



Elisée Choquet
Father Elisée ChoquetTwenty first vicar of Ste-Anne-de-Varennes Parish, Elisée Choquet was born in Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours (Richelieu) on April 30th 1900. After completing his studies at the Sulpicians, he became assistant priest of La Prairie on August 30th 1923. Then, in 1924-1925, he studied at Canadian College in Rome. Back in Quebec, he served as assistant priest in Saint-Eusebe, Sainte-Clothilde, Laprairie and Longueuil. After which he became vicar in Delson, Saint-Edouard and Saint-Isidore, Laprairie County. In 1962, he was posted to Sainte-Anne de Varennes. He resigned on June 2nd 1970. He died on May 14th 1972. Vicar Choquet was impassioned with historical research. He organized the Tercentenary celebrations of the arrival of Nicolas Choquet in Canada.

(Source: Tercentenary Souvenir Album of Sainte-Anne de Varennes Parish, 1692-1992, by Mario Filion).

Marie-Thaïs Choquette (Sister Marie-Joséphine)
Sister (1842-1932). Mother Superior of Notre-Dame Congregation from 1913 to 1917. (Source: "References biographiques Canada-Quebec" - Vol. 2, by Louis-Alexandre Belisle, Les editions de la famille canadienne limitee, Montreal, 1978).
Robert Choquette
The Dictionnaire de l'Amerique Francaise, Francophonie nord-americaine hors-Quebec, published by the Presses de l'Universite d'Ottawa, tells us that Robert Choquette, born in Ottawa October 1st 1938, is a professor and a historian. Doctor in theology from the University of Chicago, he teaches at the same time religious sciences, in particular religious history, and the Franco-Ontarians history at Ottawa University beginning in 1966. A tireless researcher and much sought-after lecturer, he published numerous articles and gave several conferences on religious history. See le Fonds Robert Choquette at the Centre de recherche en civilisation canadienne-française (Ottawa University).

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