Ref: Article in La Presse, Montreal, 31 July 1965, on the 300th anniversary of Nicolas CHOQUET's arrival "in America".:


La Presse, 31 July 1965

All the Choquet-Choquette's of North America are invited to a grand celebration on labour day, Monday 6 September, to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the arrival of Nicolas Choquet, member of the Regiment de Carignan, 17 August 1665.

Nicolas Choquet (as it was spelled until 1840; as of 1900, most family members adopted "Choquette" as their preferred spelling), once retired from the Regiment de Carignan, settled in Varennes, on the island of Ste-Thérèse more precisely, where he raised his prolific family: both his sons Julien I and Nicolas II, married twice and had 21 children each!...

Father Elisée Choquet, parish priest of Varennes and Chairman of the Welcoming Committee, is proud of the fact that the Choquette's contributed one bishop, fifteen priests and a number of other men and women of faith to the Catholic Church. They have also enriched the ranks of more liberal professions - even poetry - with Robert Choquette. A note in passing: the latter, named Canadian Consulate in Bordeaux, will join us from France for the celebration to unvail a monument in Varennes,

at the intersection of René-Gaultier boulevard and Nicolas-Choquet street (in honour of our common ancestor).

He will be joined by other Choquet-te's from France to meet family members from across Canada and the United Stated (Robert Choquette's father was himself a Franco-American). A pontifical celebration will be celebrated by His Exc. Maurice Choquet, auxiliary bishop of Cap-Haitien and member of the Fathers of Ste-Croix of the Oratory. The program includes a banquet to be held in the gymnasium of Labarre school.

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