Monument in Memory of Nicolas Choquet

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Monument in Memory of Nicolas Choquet

Excerpts from an article in La Presse,
7 September 1965:

300th Anniversary of Choquette-Choquet in Varennes.

Some 450 members of the Choquet and Choquette families gathered yesterday in Varennes to celebrate the 300th anniversary of their common ancestor's arrival in Canada. From left to right on the photo: Mgr Maurice Choquette, Miss Suzelle Chaput, Judge Marguerite Choquette, Senator Lionel Choquette, who unveiled the monument, and the parish priest of Varennes, Elisée Choquet.

Wallace A. Choquette et Albertine Lavertu

Major-général Wallace A. Choquette and his wife, Albertine Lavertu, visiting from Massachussets to attend the 300th anniversary celebrations.

Monument in Memory of Nicolas Choquet

The monument commemorating the Choquet-te ancestor is located at the corner of René-Gaultier boulevard and Nicolas-Choquet street in Varennes.


Corner of René-Gaultier and Nicolas-Choquet streets

A Nicolas Choquet
Arrivé 17 août 1665
Soldat de Carignan
Établi à

Ses descendants
Canada Etats-Unis
6 septembre 1965


The plaque reads as follows:


In memory of Nicolas Choquet who came to Varennes with the Regiment de Carignan 17 August 1665. From his descendants Choquet-Choquette from Canada and the United States 6 September 1965.


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