Lucien Bleau's Photo Album
Part One

Our contributor, Lucien Bleau, lives in Edmonton, Alberta, but he was born on a farm in Ponteix, Saskatchewan.  His maternal grandmother was Lucias Albina Choquet.  She was born in 1871 in Beloeil, Quebec.  Destiny brought her and her husband, Clément Bédard, to New Bedford, Massachusetts - and ultimately, to Ponteix.  Of their 9 children, two passed away early.  One of those two, Sylvia, died in 1917 from the terrible Spanish flu which killed so many throughout the world. The photo portrays Lucias Albina with the remaining of her offsprings.  She passed away at 80 years old, in 1951. Our thanks to Lucien who sent us photos displaying a very beautiful testimony of family's life Western Canada.

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Omer and Lucias Albina Choquette
Dr. Omer Dieudonné Choquet and her sister Lucias Albina Choquet (Lucien's great-uncle and grandmother)
(photo circa 1947)

Lucias Albina Choquet and her daughter Rose-Hélène Bédard 
(Lucien's grandmother and mother.)

Rose-Hélène Bédard  and her mother Lucias Albina Choquet
(photo circa 1920)

Marie-Laure (5 yr old) and Jeanne d’Arc (2 1/2 yr old),
daughters of
Dr Omer Dieudonné Choquet
and Nellie Boucher
(photo circa 1918)

Three of
Lucias Albina Choquet's children : Rose-Hélène, Bernadette and Sylvia 
(photo circa 1916)

Lucias Albina Choquet, her son Osman and her daughter Rose-Hélène.
(photo circa 1925)

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