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Henri Choquette and Mathilde Letarte's Descendants
See their

Henri Choquette and Mathilde Letarte
1819, Mont St-Gregoire, P.Q.

Some members of Henri Choquette and Mathilde Letarte's Family
in front of their house in St-Grégoire, P.Q. (1898) :
Hector, Phéodorine, Alexandrine,
and the parents

Georgianna Choquette and
Rosario Galipeau
1871, St-Athanase, P.Q.

Phéodorine Choquette
1875, Mont St-Grégoire

Alcide Choquette and
Florence McDougall
1880, Mont St-Grégoire

Jeanne Choquette
1909, Mont St-Grégoire
In front of St-Jean's Hospital in 1929
Louise's Aunt

Jeanne Choquette in front of
Nicolas Choquet's monument
during the
300th Anniversary Celebrations (1965)

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