The Villeneuve Family Photo Album

When father Elisée Choquet (see his biography), a famous genealogist, passed away, he bequeated his lifetime work to his nephew, Mr. Jacques Villeneuve, son of Rose Choquet and Alphonse Villeneuve.  Thirty years later, he gave us those precious documents.  This impressive work enabled us to enrich our database and, most importantly, to link many missing connections.

Special thanks to Jean Villeneuve and his wife Micheline Cote, for having sent us the wonderful photo below.

Alphonse Villeneuve and Rose Choquet's family, from left to right:

First row: Jacques, Alphonse, Gérard, Rose, Réal
2nd row:
Jean, Gisèle, Armand, Marguerite, Rose-Aimée

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