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Photo Album

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Mike Roulier sent us this note, about his aunt, Anita  : Anita Roulier, from Colby, Kansas is Marie Anne Bernadette Choquette's daughter.  Anita identified the people in these photographs. She knew all these people when she was a young woman and they came to parties in the country around Brewster, Kansas.


Damase Choquette
Agathe Poulin

Left to right, 1st row : Japhet Joseph, Damase, Agathe Poulin, Delima.

2nd row : Frederic Tancrede, Joseph Remi, Eva, Marie Anne Bernadette 

Update December 2007 - Letter from Mike Roulier : However you choose to record the name of Bernadette Choquette's husband is ok with me. In our records I am listing him as Dolor (Joseph Dalard) Roulier because he was known for so much of his life as Dolor. I just wish he was still alive so I could tease him by calling him Joe. He would swear a mighty oath that curls the hair and makes the atmosphere smoky. He was a delight just as was my grandmother.

I am Michael Henry Roulier, born 30 April 1940 in Wasco, California. My father was Henry Oswald Roulier, one of Marie Ann Bernadette Choquette's children. When I was compiling our family's history in 2001, I consulted the Jean/Jeanne Choquette family website. At that time the site showed only Bernadette, her husband Dolor Roulier, and their youngest daughter, Anita. Here is a complete list of the children of Bernadette and Dolor.

As reported by Anita Roulier: 1899, a year before she was married, Marie Ann Bernadette Choquette is in the center in the white dress, friends to the left and right of her, two nuns in black on the left side of the photo. Her brother Tancrede (Frederic Tancrede) is just above her and slightly to the right, her brother Joseph Remi is just to the far right of her. She was 19 years old, departing Marieville, Quebec, Canada. Her brothers Remi and Tancrede came to bring her back to Upland, Kansas.

As reported by Anita Roulier:
Dolor Roulier and Marie Ann Bernadette Choquette
on their 25th wedding anniversary trip to Cuba, in 1925.

1950 : Dolor Roulier and Marie Ann Bernadette Choquette with their family on their 50th wedding anniversary.  Children in the back row (left to right):  Anita Doris, Leon Nelson, Anaise Florence, Ernest Archibald, Irene Rose, Henry Oswald, Oscar Lewis

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