2015 Annual Gathering in Sabrevois

Boarding the cruise boat Visit of the Fort Lennox

Dinner at the "En 1851" restaurant in Sabrebrevois

Participants browsed over the documentation of the tercentenary prepared by Ghislaine Choquette (photo on the left) and Jean-Paul Choquette (center) and met with the Choquet-tes from the USA.
Marie-Suzie Beaulieu and Gilles Choquette. Claude and Janet Choquette. Having a chat in the garden !
Marie-Suzie Beaulieu, Maurice and Lucille Choquette. Renée and Jean Choquette during the annual general assembly.
Jean Marier and Lise Choquette. Maurice Choquette, Marie-Suzie Beaulieu, Lucille Choquette, Jean Marier and Raymond Deschênes. Marguerite and Claude Choquette, Nicole Coallier.
Monique Villeneuve and Lucille Choquette. Listening to the Guide
Visit of the dormitory and the powder keg

Enjoying the cocktail !

Étienne Guay, Marie-Josée and Jean Choquette, Micheline Chaperon, Sébastien Bernier and Annik Choquette with the ancestors. The Americans, Janet Choquette-Bédard, Marie Choquette-Patenaude, Ernest Lee Blackburn Jr. and Anne Choquette-Blackburn. Solange and Jean Choquette with the ancestors.