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The Choquet-tes Going Out at the Zoo

The 2014 annual gathering of the Association of the Choquet-tes of America recently took place at the Granby Zoo. Réjean Choquet from Granby was responsible for the organization of same and was pleased of the outcome of this busy day. In the morning, the young as well as the elderly had the opportunity to visit the Zoo and the Amazoo and to picnic. By the end of the day, the persons taking part fraternized during the cocktail and the supper at the Horace-Boivin Pavilion.

A Very Busy Morning!

Angella Sicard, Guy, Carmen, Solange, Sylvie, Andrée and Ghislaine Choquette. Andrée Choquette, Lise Girard, Raynald Choquette, Denise Vadnais and Urgel Choquette. Raymond Couturier, Monique Choquette, Diane L. Savard and Paul J. Choquette.
Very Busy Grandparents! Jean Choquette, a very thoughtful guide! Réjean and Sandra Choquet.
At the Zoo, four Choquette cousins, descendants of Joseph Choquette: Carmen (Montreal), Sylvie (Quebec, Val-Bélair), Ghislaine (Montreal) and Solange (Montreal, Verdun).
Jean Choquette's relatives during the picnic at the Granby Zoo: In the front are Émilie, Alexis, Éloïse and Maïka Choquette. From left to right in the rear: Micheline Chaperon, Éric and Annick Choquette, Isabelle Lacombe, Lucie Brodeur, Maggie Desautels-Choquette, Étienne, Jean and Charles Choquette.
From left to right: Denise Vadnais, Urgel and Maurice Choquette, Marie-Suzie Beaulieu, Raynald Choquette and Lise Girard. Solange making bubbles... And Jean too...
Do you want a balloon? Oh, what fun!

Au pavillon Horace-Boivin

The Welcoming Committee Nicole Forget and Jean Choquette. Ghislaine Choquette, in charge of the drawings.
Réjean Choquet, head of the Organizing Committee, welcomes our ancestors Anne Jullien and Nicolas Choquet. Our hundred-year-old Henri-Louis Choquette together with his daughter Louise and his son André.
Claude, Réjean, Raynald, Urgel, Jean, Solange, Maurice, André and Renée: holding their last 2013-14 Board of Directors' meeting before the 2014 Annual General Assembly. Renée, Andrée and Ernest Choquette during the Elections.
These are some of the people who took part in the supper on the 12th Annual Gathering of the Choquet-tes of America.

At Suppertime

Réjean Choquet introduces Carole Biron, our caterer in chief. The buffet is served and each table goes in turn.
Diane L. Savard, Paul-J. and Monique Choquette, Raymond Couturier, Maurice Choquette and Marie-Suzie Beaulieu. André, Louise, Ginette, Henri-Louis Choquette and Laurier Bastille.
Louise Robillard, Nicole Forget, Ernest, Solange, Ghislaine, Andrée and Carmen Choquette. Mathieu Lasnier-Choinière, Julie and Yves Veilleux, Françoise and Sylvie Choquette.
It is time for our theme song at the 2014 Annual Gathering Nicole Coallier, Renée and Claude Choquette. Lise Girard, Raynald and Guy Choquette, Angella Sicard, Urgel Choquette and Denise Vadnais.

Our ancestors Are Greeting All Those Present

Together with our ancestors, Jean and Jean-Paul Choquette, Évelyne Guay and Micheline Chaperon. In the front row: Alexandra Russo, Joël and Robert Choquette. In the back row: Gilles Choquette, Nicolas and Anne, Monique Villeneuve and Suzanne Choquette.