Mary Kusterer's Photo Album

Mary Kusterer
Mary Lysaght Kusterer, our contributor from Pinconning, Michigan, sent us a number of photos from her husband's family, Richard Kusterer. His grand-mother was a Choquette. Note how far back these photos go; fascinating !

For Charles and Eleonore's biography, have a look on the story Go West Young Man !

These persons are linked to Mrs Kusterer's husband, Richard. Dates and locations shown correspond to the birth of the person.

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Charles Choquet
Eléonore Séguin
1814, Varennes, P.Q.

Célina Mary Morin
1847, Illinois
(Sitting on the right)

Eva Choquette
1875, Kankeekee, Ill.

Eva Choquette
1875, Kankeekee, Ill.

Edris Marie Englehart
1910, Nahma, MI

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