Jim Choquette's Photo Album

Joseph Choquette
(Jim's Grand-Father)

Our correspondent, Jim Choquette, from Austin, Texas, has graciously sent us these 1920 photographs. Pictured are some of his grand-parents's children; i.e. those of Joseph Choquette and Malvina Hubert, who were married in Salix, Woodbury County, Iowa, in 1874. Joseph and Malvina had a total of 12 children. Have a look at their pictures in
Jim's Photo Album Part Two, and
see a partial
Family Tree

Jim's parents are
Auguste Choquette and Letha Hampton.

Malvina Hubert
(Jim's Grand-Mother)

Auguste Choquette
(Jim's Father)
Born 8 Oct. 1899
in Salix, Iowa

Auguste Choquette
and Letha Hampton
(Jim's Parents)
Married 5 August 1926
in San Antonio, Texas

Auguste Choquette
Albertine Choquette

This is a picture of Auguste Choquette, Jim's father, while a student at Columbia University. As he was a college athlete, he was sent to Fort Sam Houston, outside of San Antonio, Texas, to play on their baseball team. He later played professional baseball for the San Antonio Missions, a farm team for the Saint Louis Browns. That is where/when he met Jim's mother, and how they came to be Texan's!)

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