Jean Choquet's Photo Album
(Laval, Quebec)

Of all the Choquet and Choquette that I had the chance to meet, Mr. Jean Choquet, from Laval, Quebec, is certainly the one that has done the best job at meticulously safeguarding the photos of his ancestors... 56 magnificent photos in all, by far the most impressive album of our collection.  These photos are precious memories of the joyful days of Jean Baptist Choquet and Adéline Provost’s descendants, in Varennes, Quebec.

Among these descendants are Ambroise Choquet, who became a famous judge in United States and François-Xavier Choquet, who became a judge in the first Juvenile Court in Montreal in 1901. There was also Azarie Choquet, Notary in Ste-Julie, Amable Choquet, farmer, and Joseph Choquet.  Here are their photos (except for Joseph) :

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Children, grand-children and great-grand-children of Jean-Baptiste Choquet 
and Adeline Prévost (for whom there are photos available) :

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