Janis Simmons Choquette's Photo Album

,Janis Simmons, wife of Mathew Choquette, from Fort Langley, B.C., sent us the pictures (very romantic !) of Matthew's grand-parents, Joseph-Henri Choquette and Mary Flora Desjardins. Also included are pictures of Joseph-Henri's children and  
of Alfred Patrice Choquette, Matthew's father.

Joseph-Henri Choquette was born on June 13, 1881, in North Adams, Massachusetts, son of Joseph Choquette and Virginie Verzine Choquet.  Joseph-Henri was stationmaster for the CN Railways.  He married Mary Flora Desjardins in 1906 (approximately).  He died in 1932, in Willowbunch,  Saskatchewan.

Joseph-Henri and Flora had 9 children, and most of them settled in Western Canada.

Joseph-Henri Choquette and Mary Flora Desjardins

Joseph-Henri Choquette
Circa 1900

Mary Flora Desjardins
Circa 1906

Flora Desjardins and her fiance Joseph-Henri Choquette
Circa 1906

Janis Simmons Choquette's Photo Album - part two

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