Anne JULIEN, a King's Daughter

Anne JULIEN was a "Fille du Roy" a "King's Daughter", these "girls recruted in France and sent to New-France by King Louis XIV to marry the settlers. Close to 1,000 women thus came to New-France between 1665 and 1673". (see the source).

In his book LES FILLES DU ROI en Nouvelle-France, Etude historique avec repertoire biographique (Cahiers d'Histoire No 24, La Societe historique de Quebec, Quebec, 1972), the author Silvio DUMAS wrote the following:

JULIEN, Anne (1668), born in Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois ofe Paris (ILE-DE-FRANCE), in 1651, daughter of Pierre and Marie De Pien. She contracted marriage with Nicolas Choquet, dit Champagne, on November 12th, 1668, in Montreal. Her handwriting was graceful. If these spouses passed a marriage contrat, this document cannot be found. (DGFC, I:128).

M#233;tairie de Marguerite Bourgeoys

Upon her arrival in New-France, Anne stayed at metairie de Marguerite Bourgeoys (photo on the left). A "metairie" is the old definition of a small farm. Although the farm is now reduced to the size of a garden, the house is still being used by the Sisters of Notre-Dame Congregation.

Inscription on the tablet:

MARGUERITE BOURGEOYS established her first farm at Pointe-Saint-Charles. In 1668, another house was raised on the present site as lodging for the King's Daughters. It burned down in 1693, it was reconstructed in 1698 on the same foundations. It is here that Marguerite Bourgeoys opened her first school in Pointe-Saint-Charles.

Offered by the City of Montreal

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Mayor Jean Drapeau
15 August MCMLXII
Plaque sur la m#233;tairie de Marguerite Bourgeoys

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