Adding Names

To send us your data:

If you wish to contribute to the enrichment of our Choquet-Choquette families Family Tree (see note below), your can be most helpful by filling out, with as much details as you can, one or more of our family questionnaire, available in the following formats:

The procedure to follow is very simple: for each family, you write down the informations on the husband, the wife, the details about their marriage, and those concerning their children. If these children have families of their own, it will be necessary to fill out additional questionnaires for each, and so on.

Once your questionnaire(s) is (are) filled out, send it (them):

The Choquet-te Association of North America
11523, avenue de London
Montreal-Nord (Quebec) H1H 4J6

Please note that only the families of people closely related to the Choquet - Choquette 
will be integrated to our database. That is to say, persones whose family name is Choquet - Choquette 
(or American variations such as Shackett), 
or descendants of Choquet - Choquette to the 3rd generation, 
although they may themselves not be named Choquet - Choquette. 
(for example, great-grandchildren of a Choquet - Choquette).

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