Joe Choquette and Grace Beliveau's
Photo Album - Part Two

A great picture, kindly lent to us by Rita Dumas Choquette. It was taken in 1944, when J. Lionel Sr. went to visit his father, Mastaļ Choquette, who was then secretary-treasurer for the Sherbrooke's School Board.

A very special Choquette Reunion:

Joe in 1944

Joe in 1998

Take a good look, some people are also on the picture at the right.
Top row, L to R: Clara Hunt and her husband J. Lionel Choquette Sr. (Joe's parents), Mastaļ Choquette (Joe's grand-father), Fernand Choquette (Mastaļ's son, Joe's uncle).
Bottom row: J. Lionel and Clara's 4 children: Simonne, Richard, Peter and Joe Jr.

Uncle Fernand, brother Peter, sister Simonne, Joe and uncle Jacques.

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