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Gathering and Annual General Assembly of the Association
On your agenda: Sunday August 23, 2020 at the J-A Bombardier Museum in Valcourt, Quebec.
As in previous years, the Annual General Assembly will start at 11 a.m. followed by lunch on site at 12.30 p.m.
In the afternoon there will be a visit of the museum.
It’s always a great opportunity to chat and socialize. We will give you more details in the next months.

You can take advantage of this meeting to visit the beautiful region of the Eastern Township.

The Museum of ingenuity J. Armand Bombardier:

Ingenuity is about finding solutions to obstacles, challenges and constraints from what is available. It is the ability to do a lot with often limited means. Ingenuity does not wait for ideal or favorable circumstances: it takes root in the needs and constraints of the present moment. Ingenuity manifests itself in a solution that we admire for its intelligence.

The ingenuity of Joseph-Armand Bombardier and his successors continues over time and opens the way to spectacular development in the transportation sector. Ingenuity can be seen in technological solutions indeed, but also in the ability to manage, anticipate and develop a vision for business development.

The “à la Bombardier” spirit provides a vision of the world that the Museum translates into an experience that encourages visitors to share and implement it.

The Museum is full of emotions and is a source of inspiration, creativity, ingenuity and innovation. The spirit of the place transmits the idea that you have to think bigger, go after your ideas and dreams and believe that anything is possible. These are not realities specific to a small group of initiated people. They are within everyone's reach!


Pictures of the 16th Annual Gathering of
Anne Julien and Nicolas Choquet's Descendants
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